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"We have had extensive experience with the HAIREXPAND hair thickener for many years. The thousands upon thousands of orders and re-buys from Germany and abroad by customers and hair specialists as well as hairdressers confirm the success of this specialist hair thickening product. It allows for slightly different hair cuts to be professionally achieved easily with fine and thin hair.

HAIREXPAND is the successful result of many years of testing before the sales launch and the outcome of countless changes to the formula until the product finally met the development team’s and our quality standards. We can look back on vast experience with this hair thickener.”

Product development time line and years of experience with HAIREXPAND!

Test and development phase

2008|Initial ideasThe co-developer’s ideas to create an own label hair thickener that does not weigh down hair and offers the best possible, acceptable hair thickening. 

2008 - 2010|Pre-test phase |The first formulas were created and further developed with a small but very competent cosmetics company specialising in hair. The co-developer Dietmar Klonikowski tests all the formulas himself during this pre-test phase

2010 - 2012|Test phase |The hair thickener formulas are visibly impressive and meet the co-developer’s expectations more and more in terms of quality and hair thickening. During this test phase, relatives and many acquaintances were the testers who had to openly share their hair thickener experiences without any embellishments. The co-developer Dietmar Klonikowski also tests every single formula. The formulas were constantly adapted and improved according to the results

Sales launch and expansion abroad

2012|Sales launch |Successful sales launch of the final hair thickener under the own brand “HAIREXPAND Hair Thickener”, as a trademark registered with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office

2013|First hair specialist abroad|Sales of HAIREXPAND Hair Thickener to hair specialists and hairdressers in Italy.

since 2014|Activities abroad|Successful sales to customers and hairdressers in Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden and England

2014|Retail partner in Germany|GFH Gesellschaft für Haarästhetik, Fürth, was acquired as a new retail partner for sales to specialist trade.

HAIREXPAND becomes hypersensitive

2016|Ideen zum Thema -extra mild-|Die Hautallergie-Problematik spielt heute eine immer größere Rolle im kosmetischen Bereich. HAIREXPAND ist von seiner Grundstruktur her schon weitestgehend auf eine niedrige Allergie-Reduktions-Reaktion entwickelt. Dies war schon bei der Erstentwicklung von 2008 absolute Vorausetzung. Neue Grundstoffe und Parfüme ermöglichen jedoch eine zusätzliche Neuausrichtung des Produktes. Wir möchten in naher Zukunft den mildest möglichen Haarverdicker, mit guter Hautverträglichkeit für hochsensible Haut-Kunden und das bei gleichzeitiger Haarverdickung von bis zu 25% anbieten. Es wird ein langwieriger Testprozess sein. Nicht ganz einfach. Aber es ist möglich, das wissen wir schon heute

2017|HAIREXPAND becomes hypersensitive|As announced in 2016, HAIREXPAND is launched on the market with a new formula at the end of 2017. Now it’s very mild with hypersensitive fragrances to minimise known potential reactions with hypersensitive skin. The formula is devised for good skin compatibility. No added colouring. With plant extracts and extremely mild ingredients. The good hair thickening properties are of course still the same

2018|Retail partner in Denmark|Very well-known hair replacement specialist in Denmark takes over national retail distribution for hairdressers and stylists

HAIREXPAND makes individual hairs thicker. Measurably. Now hypersensitivel..

* Note: Images and manufacturer's microscopic measuremens taken on 26. April 2012. The thickening of individual hair depending on the condition of the person's individual hairs.

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