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Purpose of select and hypersensitive HAIREXPAND ingredients

The special ingredients are helpfully for the correct purpose of the hair thickening. The features of the select ingredients are hair thickening, hair care, hypersensitive and the immediata effect. Please read some interesting informations about the cosmetical purpose of HAIREXPAND.

  • LIQUID KERATIN COMPLEX- With liquid keratin complex for fine, thin and weak hair. This protein in HAIREXPAND® is aimed at depositing the keratin building blocks for improving the strength and resilience of the hair structure in the hair. The other purposes of the keratin complex are to form a film, retain moisture, care for the scalp and condition the hair.
  • LIQUID COLLAGEN COMPLEX - Protein in HAIREXPAND® to strengthen the hair structure. Other purposes: to smooth hair, form a film, retain moisture, care for the scalp and condition the hair.
  • HYPERSENSITIVE - Extremely mild. Suitable for (over) sensitive people. The latest HAIREXPAND® has therefore been specifically formulated based on hypersensitive fragrances to minimise well-known highly sensitive potential reactions and for good skin compatibility.
  • No added colouring - No added colouring, No silicones. No parabens. Hypersensitive fragrances. No animal testing.
  • True Tea Bush Leaves - With extracts from true tea bush leaves. Origin: plant. Purpose: strengthening, condensing, antibacterial, hydrating, cares for the scalp.
  • Aloe Barbadensis - With extracts from Aloe barbadensis leaves. Origin: plant. Purpose: smoothing, cares for the scalp.
  • ProVITAMIN B5 / Panthenol - Purpose: hydrating, anti-static, conditions the hair and cares for the scalp. AIREXPAND® Haarverdicker ist mit Provitamin B5 / Panthenol (auch Dexpanthenol genannt) angereichert.
  • HAIREXPAND® does not weigh the hair down!

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* Note: Images and manufacturer's microscopic measuremens taken on 26. April 2012. The thickening of individual hair depending on the condition of the person's individual hairs.

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